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History of Dombivli

Dombivli is a town in Thane district ,Kalyan taluka. it is located about 20 km from Thane and 50 km from mumbai. is a city in India with a population of about 1,500,000 (1991 census) now it's 2,293,000 according to the 2011 census . It is the first fully literate town in Maharashtra and the second in India. Dombivli is a small middle class town with a majority population of Hindus. It is located about fifty kilometres from Mumbai. The name "Dombivli" is believed to have come from a tribal group who lived nearby, named the "dombs".

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खळाळत्या जीवनाचा निर्झर म्हणजे डोंबिवली

मनातल्या माणुसकीचा पाझर म्हणजे डोंबिवली

रेती बंदर चा वारा म्हणजे डोंबिवली

अन् थंडीत घामाच्या धारा म्हणजे डोंबिवली

फडके रोड वरची तरुणाईची मस्ती म्हणजे डोंबिवली

अन् Modern cafe च्या जेवणा नंतरची सुस्ती म्हणजे डोंबिवली २

प्रेमजीभाई मेंशन , ५२ चाळ म्हणजे डोंबिवली

mall च्या नावाखाली marriage hall म्हणजे डोंबिवली

फूटपाथवरची लल्लन दुबे ची बाज म्हणजे डोंबिवली

अन् रामनगर , टिळकनगर चा पुणेरी बाज म्हणजे डोंबिवली ३

मुंबई च्या आलीशान गालीच्या पुढे टाकलेलं सरकारी घोंगड म्हणजे डोंबिवली

अन् "लाथ मारीन तीथे पानी काढीन " म्हननारं बाला लोकांचा गाव म्हणजे डोंबिवली

सकाळ - संध्याकाळ रेलवे तली चौथी सीट म्हणजे डोंबिवली

अन् ८ तास load shading च्या अंधारातली धीट डोंबिवली ४

ठाकुर चा वडा-पाँव अन मून-मून ची मीसल खाणारी ...झणझणीत डोंबिवली

अन १० वी - १२ वी मध्ये यश मिळवणारी ....दणदणीत डोंबिवली
क्षणोक्षणी , जीथे तीथे , कधी चिडलेली कधी चिडवलेली

कधी मगॉळलेली , कधी नटलेली , कधी नडलेली कधी नाडलेली

तरी आनंदाने आनी गर्दी ने फुललेली ठाणे जील्ह्याची शान म्हणजे डोम्बीवली
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Dombivli's history dates back to a very ancient period. In the year 1075, King Harpal Dev referred to Dombivli on stone inscriptions, which were situated in Mahul village, near the Turbhe port. Dombivli has been in existence for over eight centuries.
The stone writings referring to its existence in the years 1396-97 still exist in Dombivli. The Portuguese stationed themselves at several places when they came to Dombivli. Existence of Dombivli can also be traced back approximately in the year 1730 during the Peshwa rule. In the 19th century, farmers cultivated paddy and sold it in the areas from Kalyan to Mumbai.
Dombivli was surrounded by the ruins of the following villages.
  1. To the west - Chole village (Thakurli West)
  2. To the east - Ayre village
  3. To the south - Patharli village
  4. To the north - Thakurli East
In the year 1880, the first person who settled down in Kopargaon near Dombivli was late Shri-Narayan Atmaram Patkar. With his two ships, he used to trade in rice and other commodities through the Kalyan Creek.

dombivli came into being as the Gajabandhan Village, and the "Old Dombivli", which forms the West flank, is embraced by the river Ulhas. The East flank has been developed under the jurisdiction of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC).

Dombivli boasts a cosmopolitan population with Maharashtrians, Jains, Gujarathis, Kannadigas, Tamilians, Malayalees and Punjabis, with a marginal population of Khojas (The Aga-Khan cult). Although the town may have existed for six to seven centuries, little is known of its history, apart from a huge open space which the Archaeological Survey of India declared as a pond used by the peshwas. The land adjacent to it happened to be a horse grazing and training site. A huge stone was unearthed by the Archealogical Department with the encryptions marking the evidence of the same.


Today, Dombivli is well known for rapid industrial growth with major dyes, paints, chemical, and heavy metal factories based in the industrial part of the town. Some of the well known ones are Gharda Chemicals, Vicco Labs, Lloyd Steel, and Deepak Fertilizers. The 1980s saw Dombivli growing into a crowded and saturated city due to industrial development under the plan. Dombivli's approachability by road and rail, and its potential in land and manpower increased tremendously. The industries have been developed in two phases so far, and new plans have been proposed.

The town has three railway stations under its jurisdiction: Dombivli Railway Station, Thakurli Railway Station, and the Kopar Bridge Railway Station (under construction). Dombivli is served by all local trains terminating at stations beyond Thane, and it is a stop for all major fast local trains.

Dombivli also has the honour of becoming the first fully "literate" town in Maharashtra and the second in India (a town in Kerala is first). Over a hundred schools offer primary and secondary education, and over a dozen are affiliated with the University of Mumbai. A couple of colleges also offer technical education and are affiliated with the Board of Technical Examination, Mumbai.

The town has produced fine literature, classical music, plays, poetry, and actors.


Dombivli is home to eight colleges and a student population of 20,000. It boasts many high rank holders every year in the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary (School) Certificate exams. There are temples for all faiths, Jamatkhana for the Khoja Muslims, and also a few churches.

Most of the couples in Dombivli are professionals with a more "modern" lifestyle, often reflected in their one-child families and penchance for consumer goods. Consumerism is at its peak here and hence, these families are often referred to as DISCOs (Double Income Single Child Only). About 67-68% of families in the city are classified as DISCOs.
The city's healthcare is some of the best in India. The town boasts about 1500 doctors for the population of 1,500,000, so the ratio of doctors per 1000 is comparable to any developed Western country. The town of Dombivali is rich in local culture.History and Religion . Visitors to this town will be able to find a good number of cultureal places to visit. Here are some of the things you should number of cultural places to visit .Here are some of the things you shouldn't miss outon when visiting Dombivali .
Gudhi Padwa Celebration - Dombivli's main population consists of Maharashtrians. Gudhi Padwa is a festival celebrated in March or April, to mark the beginning of the new year according to the Hindu calendar. The best place to view this celebration has got to be the Ganesh Mandir, which interestingly began celebrating this festival. Even if you cannot make it in time for the festival, you can always visit the temple, which happens to be one of the most famous temples in the whole of Dombivli.
Somwar Bazaar - The market area of Somwar Bazaar is another place you shouldn't skip when visiting Dombivli. The market is known for its vibrant energy, which begins as early as 5:00 a.m. Here, you will find spices, Indian wear, fresh vegetables, fruits and everything under the sun. The sights and sounds at this market are sure to impress any tourist. In fact, so famous is this market, that people from far and wide come here to purchase goods at great rates.
Shri Mayureshwar Temple - This temple is one of the newer temples to be constructed in the town of Dombivli. One can expect a feeling of bliss and peace when paying respects in the Shri Mayureshwar temple. It is also architecturally beautiful to see.
Cruise - Another must-do when visiting Dombivli is the river boat cruise. The boat cruise leaves from Reti Bunder in the western side of Dombivli. For the entire boat ride, you will enjoy a peaceful cruise on the creek of Dombivli. The cruise lasts for approximately 20 minutes and only takes place in the evening at the time of sunset.
Phadke Road - If you happen to be visiting Dombivli on the Hindu festival of Diwali, make sure to take a walk down Phadke Road. The road, including its by-lanes, gets very crowded with people dressed in their finest. It is much like a party on the road, and these days the locality even hires a disc jockey.

Dombivli in the Guinness Book of World Records

More than 2,600 women came together at the 'Mumbai Pooram festival' at Dombivli (East) to create a world record for the largest ever performance in the world. A team from theGuinness Book of World Records was at the venue to record the feat. The dance performed was Kaikott kali, which is the dance performed by Keralite women for Onam.They dance around a rangoli made with flowers. 


Train: Dombivli is on the central line of the Mumbai suburban railway network. It is also one of most crowded railway stations during peak hours on the central line. Though none of the long journey express trains halt at this station but well connected Mumbai (CST) - Kalyan line helps you to catch those long journey trains at Thane or Kalyan.
Bus: Dombivli is connected by state highway to Panvel and Kalyan. Municipal corporation provides local bus service KDMT within city. NMMT buses are available from Dombivli to Navi Mumbai.
NMMT Routes in Dombivli
NMMTRoute No.Route
NMMT41Vashi Rly Stn to Dombivli
NMMT42Vashi Rly Stn to Dombivli
NMMT44Kharghar (Vastu Vihar) to Dombivli

The conditions of the road arenot good. After every monsoon the conditions gets worse. Many accident occurs. People sitting on their vehicles feels as if they are taking a camel ride.

in 1984, Dombivli Municipal Council was merged that of neighboring Kalyan to form a new governing body, the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation(KDMC).

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